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The Communist Party in the Tradition of the Left


For nearly two centuries our tradition has worked collectively to prepare the tools for revolution, so that they were available to generations of militants. This activity was done not for the glorification of any personality but for the advancement of the communist program into that hazy future where the victory of the proletariat will be realized.  This impersonal activity has been done collectively, just like the bloody class struggles which developed the theory of our current. 

From the time of budding capitalist society to it’s present, decadent and rotting condition, our tradition has used the written word to mark its place in the class struggle. The weight and power of these tools emerges out of the disorganization created by capitalist society through the international organization of the proletariat. First in the face of dying feudal societies, through the victorious ending of this ancient regime, and on to the up front confrontation with the commodified social order. 

These written words are far more meaningful than the scholastic detritus which accumulates the academic institutions of capitalist society. These words were drafted in the determined passion of struggle, to vigorously exclaim the program of the communist movement through the opaque screen of class society. Their accumulation servers as a scientific and continuous record of international class struggle, done not for the immediate short term aims to satisfy the present social organization but to demonstrate the experience of the working class, through the life of capitalism.

Our publishing house is an extension of this current, as we craft the tools of revolution. We seek not to exalt that glorified altar of the personality. Rather through the crafting of revolutionary material, we work to smash this altar with these tools. Our efforts are for the present and future communist revolutionaries who must wield these weapons towards the class opposition. 


They have read and thoroughly studied Marx, and perhaps quote him more than us...it would have been better if they hadn’t read him, for there is also a way of reading books like a burglar flicking through wads of banknotes. In the hours before dawn a comrade can have fun recalling the names of all of the people who know Marx and his works down to the last detail, but who are Marxism’s worst enemies.